Cannot Delete Files

I am experiencing 2 weird problems with my drobo/droboshare setup. Both units are only several months old. Drobo firmware is 1.3.7[1.254.30359] and droboshare firmware is 1.1.2[51.14990]

The first problem I am experiencing is that some directories and files will not delete. Sometimes if I want to delete a folder I will have to go through it first, and delete the files inside of the folder (same practice if sub folders exist) and only then can I delete the folder.

I also have some folders that will not delete regardless if I clean them out first. Delete, refresh and then they just re appear.

My second problem (and this has happened twice maybe?) is that I will attempt to access the units, it will then start the wake-up process of spinning up the drives and one drive will not spin up correctly. It seems it gets caught in some sort of loop. It will attempt to spin up until all lights turn RED. Of course this freaked me out the first time. I power cycled the unit, all drives came back up and Id say after about 10 or 15 min everything came up fine. The fact this happened at all has me concerned, but the fact that it has happened twice really does not give me the assurance I need that my data is safe!

Any idea what is going on with these two situations?


I would recommend direct connect to a computer and running repair disk or chkdsk, depending on what OS you are on and how you are formatted.

I would also recommend contacting support and having us look at your diagnostic file to see what drive is causing the issue.

Thanks Jennifer! Will be doing this ASAP!

How long can I expect chkdsk to take? I read a lot of posts about chkdsk not completing on Windows 7 on large volumes. Its a 4TB volume and gets to about 70 percent, and starts correcting an error but never leaves this spot @ 106186 of 120720 index entries. It starts "Correcting error in index $I30 for file 700 and then appears to be a waiting game?

Normally the issue was with volume sizes at 16TB.

If it does not complete over night, you might try connecting to a different computer running Vista or Server 2003/2008.

Sounds like it’s actually correcting (or trying to) something in the filesystem structure.
I agree with Jennifer - let it run overnight (5+ hours) and if it’s still hung, abort Chkdsk if you can, shut down, disconnect Drobo and try it on a Vista, Server 2k3 or Server 2k8 machine.

If you don’t have access to Vista or Server 2k3/2k8, then boot without Drobo connected, connect Drobo, then run chkdsk from Command Prompt, Running as Administrator (right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator).

As of this morning it was still correcting that one error. The chkdsk “task” was up to utilizing 640mb of memory at this point but I let it continue since it looks like it was in fact still doing something. If its still at this spot when I get home from work today, I will abort and try it on a server 2003 or 2008 install. Thanks for the help thus far!

chkdsk never finished and I actually found out that the drives were spun down so it really wasnt doing anything.

I brought up a Server 2003 box with SP2 loaded. Hooked the drobo up and proceeded to run chkdsk on it. The number of indexes it finds when running chkdsk on the 2k3 box is significantly higher, and it still tries to correct the $I30 for file 700 but just now I heard the drives spin down.

What to try now?

Sad that there are no more recommendations. Thanks anyway! I’m grabbing my data (while I still can) and running!

Did you get in touch with support?