Cannot delete a folder on my 5N. It's been 2 years!

Hi everybody, I need someone a hell of a lot smarter than me.

I have a folder on my 5N that I cannot delete. There is nothing in the folder.

When I try, I get the message: The operation can’t be completed because the item “zzz” is in use.

Is there anything I can do other than erasing my entire 30TB NAS?

Thanks everybody!

hi is anything using that folder?
what happens if you try fully shutting down the computer and drobo and then rebooting them and trying again?

can you try renaming the folder to something that just used basic letters such as nofolder
and then to try and delete it after renaming it?

if you are using ntfs you might need to gain ownership of the folder (just in case another user with more rights created it?)

alternatively, maybe simply hiding it could do the trick for now? :slight_smile:

Instead of dealing with the folder from within your OS File manager application, move your other folders and files into a freshly created Drobo Share, then erase the share with the problem folder. I have detailed the steps below.

On occasion, I have had a file or folder in a share that will simply not be deleted, no matter what. Frustrating, and has happened more than once.

My solution - after all else has failed? Within the Drobo Desktop, create a new share to replace the share with the problem. Then in you file manager (Finder in macOS, or File Explorer in Windows) copy all the good folders and files from the problem share [BAD_SHARE] into a newly created share [GOOD_SHARE], but don’t copy the problem folder(s) or file(s). Now that you have duplicated your share minus the problem folder, just ERASE [BAD_SHARE]. As a final step, you can rename [GOOD_SHARE] to the original name of the deleted [BAD_SHARE], if desired.

Easy to accomplish, but sometimes, not so obvious.

Good luck.

not sure if this is still a problem for anyone as it was for me still. i decided to make an AUTOMATOR file. just a simple app to delete whatever was not deleting. there are a few “permissions” you need to do in SECURITY & PRIVACY but once i did that, i “RECORDED” the steps i needed and once i did that, i dropped the file i wanted to delete on the app and it did all the work perfectly.

Use software path finder on the Mac.