cannot copy big files to drobo, application freezes

I’ve upgraded my Drobo from 4x1TB to 2x1.5TB+2x1TB which took about five days.
Now I have problems with copying big files onto my Drobo.

When I copy a 2GB file to Drobo with Windows Explorer/robocopy, it says the file is being copied with 100MB/s. When it’s done (which is really fast), Explorer/robocopy stays at 100% and freezes. Drobo Dashboard looses connection to Drobo and the activity LED on Drobo lights up permanent.
I’ve waited about 30min but nothing changed.
I don’t have proper access to Drobo - additional Explorer Windows also freeze after few clicks on Drobos files.
All I can do is disconnect and reconnect Drobos USB cable.

I’ve performed chkdsk on Drobo, it’s fine.
Write Cache is disabled for Drobo.
Of course, it’s formatted with NTFS.
For the complete Setup, please refer to my signature.

I’ve connected my Drobo to my Notebook running Windows 7 now.
When I copy a file on Drobo, Windows starts with 14MB/s and rapidly (about 1min) drops below 1MB/s and freezes too. I guess it’s still copying (windows says it completed 100MB) but at an extreme low data rate. I’ve pressed “abort” about 10min ago but it’s still there. I guess I’ll have to disconnect it again…
Oh wait, abort just worked after 12 Minutes![hr]
I’ve tested smaller files now… It took 130s to copy 20MB!

Something’s definitely wrong. Best to contact support if you haven’t already.

After a complete power-cycle it was fine again… I just hate this device :confused:

Still, check with support. If my car didn’t start up properly one morning, I’d take it in to get checked because I need it to be reliable.

You’re right, but I’ve accepted that Drobo is not reliable at all. Mine has already been replaced once, I don’t want that to happen again.

Then why not just get rid of it?
Using something that you know (or are convinced that) is unreliable is just asking for disappointment. Unless you’re just using it as a scratch/temporary disk, but still not worth the trouble IMHO.

I will… I’m going to replace it with a QNAP TS-419P or TS-410. I’m just looking for ways to get my money back from DRI…

why the QNAP rather than a synology?