Cannot connect to Crashplan


I’ve followed the various guides for Crashplan on a Drobo5n.

I’ve installed all the pre-reqs, Dropbear, Java, Locale.

I’ve set up an SSH Tunnel from 4200 local to 4243 on Drobo.

I’ve updated the config on the Crashplan App on my PC to use 4243 and everytime I try to connect, I just get Unable to Connect to the Backup Engine, Try Again Y,N

I’ve reinstalled all the various components, which hasn’t helped sadly.

I had a look in the crashplan log file and the only error I can see is critical error converting IP address into int.

I’m running 3.6.3 on my PC and 3.6.3 on the Drobo. I’ve hit the limit of my knowledge and have gone through all the troubleshooting guides I can find and i’m now stumped.

I’d rather use Crashplan over Copy or ElephantDrive as its a much better price!