Cannot access droboadmin in browser for Drobo Gen 2


I have Drobo Gen 2 and the apache and droboadmin gets expanded from tar.gz files when I restart both Drobo’s.

I cannot still connect to the droboadmin from the browser using IP:8080/droboadmin . How can I change this ?

  • Aakash

You will need to have your gen2 Drobo connected to a DroboShare and be using DroboApps for DroboShare in order to make them work.

I, too am unable to login to the droboadmin utility on a Drob Gen 2. I keep getting an “Unable to connect to server” message. The droboshare is connected via ethernet to the router and is assigned it’s own IP address. The Drobo is accessible in the finder window and all files are available, however simply can’t access the droboadmin utility. Apache is installed as suggested. The droboshare was also reset to defaults as suggested in the knowledge base to no avail. I’ve spent several hours on this now. Has DR abandoned us?

Please help!

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