Can you reduce the number of drives in a drobos array?

This may sound like a dumb obvious question with an appropriately dumb answer but I want to be sure I don’t loose data: I have a drobo S configured as :

2 x 1.5TB disks
3 x 500GB disks

I want to replace the 3 x 500GB drives with two new 2 x 1.5TB drives to create a 4 x 1.5TB array.

I was thinking of removing the first 500GB drive, waiting for the drobo to update then removing the next 500GB one and waiting for it to sync and finally removing the last 500GB drive and waiting for that to sync before then adding the two new 1.5TB drives.

Will this work or what do I need to do to achieve my goal?



It all depends on how much data you have on the drobo.

If you have less than 1.4TB of data on your Drobo you can do that.

But you can also pull of your 500 gb and replace immediate with the 1.5 TB. After they go green, pull the 2nd 500 and replace with the 1.5, when they go green again, remove the last 500 gb. Will more than likely be a lot quicker.

agree with jennifer

activate dual disk redundancy (if you have space)

then just star swapping out drivs

Thanks guys, as I’ve only 1.2TB used, I’ll try dual disk redundancy and start swapping.