Can you mount a drive while in Read Only?

Based on how my Drobo FS is performing, I believe the answer is “no” but would like to confirm.

I am attempting to recover files from a Drobo that has been data protection mode for a few weeks. While in read-write mode, the mount has been failing before I can copy files off the drives. So trying to get creative. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the lights are steadily blinking Green/Yellow, i.e. the unit is not rebooting during this process then the data protection is working. Read Only mode will not resolve since in data protection data are being written to different drives. The Data Protection is a longer process on the legacy products.

If the drive bay lights are flashing Green/Yellow, the Drobo is in Data Protection. This is a perfectly normal process.

Drobo can go into Data Protection for the following reasons:

  • Drive encounters errors, bad blocks or timeouts
  • Drive was added or removed
  • Dual Disk Redundancy was enabled or disabled

How Long will Data Protection run:

  • This depends on the amount of data on Drobo, Data Protection processes at the rate of ~24hrs per Terabyte.
  • ​Data Protection can run for a few hours or a few days (Legacy or older products may run for a week or longer)

During the Data Protection Process:

  • Drobo must remain powered On
  • The data is accessible, you may continue to use Drobo
  • You may turn off or disconnect Drobo from the computer . As long as Drobo remains powered on, the Data Protection will continue to run.
  • The Drobo Dashboard will provide you with estimated time for completion (for older products it is not unusual for Drobo to lose contact with the Dashboard)
  • As long as the lights are steadily blinking Green/Yellow and the unit is not restarting or rebooting, everything is working normally

During Data Protection, do not:

  • Power off Drobo
  • ​Do not add or remove another drive

For additional information on Data Protection, see youtube video:

Data Protection - Lights Blinking Green/Amber

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Thanks for the response and info!

So should I keep it in RO mode running data protection? It no longer gives me a time remaining indicator - it started by saying about 24 hours but that expired weeks ago and it has just kept chugging along

I am unclear why the unit is in RO mode to begin with? If in RO mode data protection will not run.

The data protection mode graphic shows data protection mode is running for me while in RO mode. Perhaps you are saying that you know it will not really perform data protection in RO status? If so, then I find the dashboard’s display confusing.

My original question was whether it’s possible to mount and access a drive while in RO mode. I was trying this because while in Read-Write mode the share would fail in the midst of copying. I was not able to mount the drive in RO mode, and my question was whether this was expected behavior. The help text indicates you can use a drive normally while in RO mode, which did not seem to be the case for me.

Read Only is just that, writes are disabled. RO only mimics Data Protection but is not doing anything.

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Thank you for the details related to data protection. I still have the question whether I should be able to mount and read from a drive in RO status.