Can the firmware for Gen 3 Drobos be downgraded?

So Drobo Dashboard said Pssst! Buddy ya wanna new firmware upgrade for your Gen 3? Read the release notes and though sure why not.

The upgrade when from firmware 3.5.5 to 4.11. After the upgrade, the Gen 3 wouldn’t show up no matter what I tried

What the release notes didn’t say is that my current OS (Sierra) doesn’t support 4.1.1, so there’s no way I’ll ever see it again without upgrading my OS to maybe High Sierra, which I won’t be doing anytime soon.

If I could reinstall the 3.5.5 firmware, my life would be so much easier.

You can try to manually “upgrade” the firmware to a lower version, but I’m pretty sure it will not allow you to change from 4.x to 3.x firmware.

Here are the instructions:

And a page with a link to the firmware file:

Good luck!