can oversight be used on Drobo FS to organize downloads?

oversight looks very powerful to manage downloads by NZBget. Is it any way to apply oversight on Drobo FS and how? Thanks

Forgive my ignorance, but it is not clear to me at all what oversight does better than Sabnzbd w/ SickBeard. Is there any good reason to prefer oversight?

You are right on SABnzbd functioning equally to NZBget+Oversight, if not better than. But SABnzbd is too heavy on my Drobo FS and it often stops responsing the web interface, even I’m using the lightest smpl one, while NZBget works pretty well for me with its lightweight, but its post-processing script is not as powerful as SABnzbd. My plan is to use Oversight to organize the collections NZBget downloaded, if it works.