Can not update Firmware of Drobo


I have a 5D3 connected to my Mac. The problem is, it always tells me I should upgrade the Firmware.
Currently I have installed 3.5.5. And the new version is 4.2.3
When I try automatic upgrade, it tells me Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 7.21.15 PM.jpg
Drobo was not able to connect to the Drobo update server to check for available updates
Then I downloaded 4.2.3 from the website and tried to manually install the firmware-as per instruction (remove all drives). But then it tells me:
The Drobo firmware update was unsuccessful. Please check the link below……….

Would it help if I Erase & Factory reset?

I am using OSX 13.3 Ventura (I know, Drobo Website says Drobo is not compatible with Ventura,but it works) The only problem-it keeps disconnecting-even while data transfer. But the same thing happen to me using OSX Catalina as well.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



since drobo folded, you cannot upgrade firmware the usual easy way
firmware upgrade means some risks and you won’t get any support from the bygone company
the question is : beyond you are asked to do so, do you really need to upgrade the firmware ?
if the device works fine, you should consider continue like that
you have a 5D3 which is not a networking model so you do not face the same risks as a 5N that would be on the internet
there are some threads on that subject and the leading opinion is if you don’t need the upgrade, leave it as is

hope this helps

Hello there!

What version is your Drobo Dashboard at? Some firmware versions will only upgade using a more recent Dashboard version. For example, as of firmware version 4.1.0, the required Dashboard version is minimum 3.3.0:

Also, firmware 3.5.5 appear to be ancient; the release notes are not even available anymore. I believe it caps out at 16TB volumes (64TB support came with firmware 4.0.1), which can become annoying when you try to add more storage. Are you sure it’s not your Dashboard version that is at 3.5.5? That might make more sense.

If you are really at firmware 3.5.5, I would consider upgrading. There is significant upside. And I don’t recall seeing any issues with this firmware release on these forums (unlike the NAS versions with firmware 4.3.x).

I would try to upgrade the Dashboard first (latest version is 3.61 for MacOS). Then try to upgrade the firmware manually from the downloaded file (available here: See the instructions for manual update here:
Manually Updating Firmware from the Website

Good luck!