Can Not Mount Shares on B810N via Drobo Dashboard

I got an 810N Drobo from Amazon.
It set up fine with one Ethernet cable to use as Time Machine Back up for 5 MacBooks we have in a house.

Drobo Dashboard allows to set up shares easily, but those shares do NOT mount via Dashboard. When I mount them via Finder regular shares don’t have a name in the finder’s side bar, but on a “?”.

Time Machine enabled shares are showing up in Finder, but not in the Select Drive in the settings for Time Machine… Time Capsule drive, and time capsule attached USB drive show up without problem.

I called Drobo customer service, and the rep simply blames apple… Zero suggestions…

Anybody has experience like this? Anyone got a real manual on how to set up Time Machine shares? I need to resolve this within two weeks, otherwise 30 days to return will be up…[hr]
Anyone knows if SMB vs AFP makes a difference?

CMD+K: smb\:“IP Address” of CMD+K: afp\:“IP Address”

I wish there was a good manual on NAS set up…

hi inekk77,
am not too sure as do not have a mac myself, but there is an article posted by john here with some useful time machine tips in general which may help, for example here:

and also some info about afp here:

and from the knowledgebase articles too this has some mounting info too that might help?