Can not call American Hotline from Europe

Hello, as the German support hotline times collide with me having to work and thus being unable to call at that time, i thought i might try the American hotline. Unfortunately the system cuts the line prior to me being routed to someone. Can anyone help me or is there some other number i can try besides 1(866)4264280?
(first computer voice) “dialing this number from outside us is not free of charge…” (thats quite ok, it’s very cheap to call america from europe)
(second computer voice) “i am sorry, you call could not be completed.”

p.s. the numer 0049 2151 7809 651 wrongly advises to call 0011 866 426 4280 (one too many one).

Did you try calling the number from Skype or something like that? That might get around the blocks. You could also try calling their corporate headquarters in California (see at +1-408-567-3100 and ask if they have a direct non-866 number for support.