Can no longer log in with Drobo Dash? User/Pass incorrect even though they are?

Suddenly out of nowhere my Drobo keeps on telling me that the username/password combo is incorrect when I try and log in through the dash to check for updates and what have you. Funny thing is I can still see the drive mounted under My Computer, and some occasions I am asked for the password through My Computer and the username/password combo I input there (same one I tried with Drobo Dash) allows me to log in just fine. Now I have no way of accessing my Drobo through Drobo Dash and I honestly have no clue what I should do. Any ideas?

Did you try a reboot?
In case you have issues doing this from dash you can always flick the switch in back of the unit.

Good start and might help. I have seen strange thing happen when i am over 120 or so days of uptime.


I had a similar problem; I ended up having to email Drobo Support and have them generate an Admin password reset key. I wound up resetting and just changing the password back to what it was before the Drobo stopped recognizing it. Login info works fine for me now. Or at least it does on the rare occasions that my Dashboard actually mountsrolls eyes

Sorry for the late reply I appreciate the help guys, I just got back from a short business trip. Came back and started the Drobo up and suddenly everything and fine and dandy. I guess all I had to do was reboot the device this whole time.