Can my DroboPro rebuild in RO mode?

Something happened when I was out of town to one of my DroboPros (have 2 FWIW). It had 8x 2TB drives. It wasn’t connecting via iSCSI, so I plugged it in via USB. It went through some type of boot loop and never connected to the dashboard. I removed all the drives, booted it up, and had a an empty drobopro. I added the drives one by one, and it would reboot and never connect to the dashboard.

I read about RO mode “alt+ctrl+shift+R”, and tried that. I had better results as 6 of my 8 drives went green (#1,and #3-#7, thankful to see some green lights!) My drobo connected to the dashboard, and I had a drive in “my computer”, but I can’t open it.

At this point I just want my data off as it’s full of family pictures and tax stuff, etc. I’ve always had double disk redundancy, so the data should be there I assume.

I popped in a new 3TB drive into #2, and it started rebuilding, flashing green\yellow. This has been going on for about a week. I unplugged it from USB to try and speed up the process, but it’s still going. I’ve never gotten an estimated time to be done rebuilding.

…so I’m curious if it even CAN rebuild in “RO” mode.

I popped in a new 2TB into #8, and it’s also joined the green\yellow blinking, but I’m not sure if that’s going to help.

Just want my data. Thanks for any help\advice.

(hi am just linking to your newer post here and with some more info for you stumpy)
when you mentioned adding in the disks 1 by 1, (after first having removed them), can i check if you removed them all when power was off, and how you put them back in? was the drobo off, and then you put a drive in and powered on to see what happened, and then powered off, and put another one back in, and powered back up etc?

I always added the drives with the power off. It will also never connect to the dashboard outside of RO mode. When NOT in RO mode, the drive lights never show any color except yellow on initial power on\reboot. The blue strip of lights on the right seem to be doing something. Eventually the drobo goes into sleep mode after (what appears to be) rebooting several times.

In RO mode, the drive lights are green solid after bootup, and after a while it will go green\yellow and the dashboard (which does connect) says rebuilding.

I’m starting to have my doubts it can even rebuild in RO mode (hence this post) as it shouldn’t be writing anything - which I believe is a requirement of rebuilding.

thanks for the info stumpy,
it could be that ReadOnly mode allows some internal work behind the scenes, though am not sure and will try to find out…
in the meantime, docchris added a new post on your other thread which may help, though if you have already been waiting a week or so in the seemingly rebuilding state, then maybe you might as well wait a little bit more (as though it was needing about 1 day per 1TB of data that you had, plus a bit of contingency), just in case it actually is rebuilding to a better state for you while in RO mode?[hr]
actually, if you get a chance, would you be able to post a screenshot of your dashboard showing you RO mode and rebuilding please? (possibly posted to imgur or similar with a link to it here, but please remember to rub out any sensitive/serial numbers before uploading)

(just adding confirmation regarding readonly mode)