Can multiple volumes then be accessible by multiple users?

If multiple volumes are created on the drobo (let’s say, multiple disk images); can this then by accessed by multiple computer users on a network?

If so, will this get around “corrupting” the drobo file system?

If Mark says that such a configuration “cannot be recommended,” then I would proceed very, very cautiously, with data that you don’t care about.

But do let us know what you find out, as your conjecture seems very reasonable (except perhaps because of the smart volumes approach.)


Be very very careful with this type of setup.

The DroboPro does not export multiple volumes as separate named iSCSI volumes like most other multi-volume iSCSI targets do. Rather, it exports them as LUNs. Some initiators just connect to “LUN0” once you point them at the DroboPro, which means despite your best efforts, they all might just insist on connecting to your first volume, which will corrupt your data.

One of the other common methods of making sure multiple machines don’t connect to the same iSCSI volume is to use MAC address security to control who gets access. The freeware ietd software does this, as do the big pro setups like EqualLogic. Alternatively you can set CHAP passwords to limit access to volumes. ietd, FreeNAS, EqualLogic, Netgear ReadyNAS, and QNAP all provide this. DroboPro does not.

I lost 2Terabytes of data when testing this with a Mac Mini and a QNAP NAS connecting to my DroboPro. I was sure happy I had good backups!