Can I use Drobo 5N for iTunes and iPhoto?


I purchased Drobo 5N for my all Media (video, iTunes, iPhoto, documents…) locating. Do I have to specifically prepare my Drobo 5N to store iTunes and iPhoto libraries. My Drobo 5N is connected to iMac via Airport Express.

I move all my library to 5N, but I can’t download same music albums form iCloud? Appear error!


Buth: yes! But leave the libraries on a local drive (*.photolibrary etc).

Ok, Thanks. I do that for iTunes. But I don’t understand how to do that for iPhoto?

i find that iTunes is fine when you have everything on the Drobo … iPhoto is a pain on the Drobo … not sure how to fix this other than Apple changing the way iPhoto handles it’s database

For iPhoto I don’t know any solution, but with Aperture you can use your iPhoto library and change the storage location from with the library to an drive/folder. So you may keep the small library on your local harddisk and the originals themselves on your drobo. Or use Lightroom :wink: