Can I upgrade Mac OS from Mojave to latest OS (Big Sur or Monterey) with minimal Drobo 5D3 issues?

I am currently running OS Mojave 10.14 on my iMac (2017) and would like to upgrade to one of the more current OS (Big Sur or Monterey). I have a 5D3 with the latest firmware. Haven’t upgraded until now since OS Catalina dropped “support for 32-bit apps”- I had heard some of the issues that were happening when it was first released and decided to wait… and have waited far too long.
Can I get advice me on how to best to proceed without losing Drobo data or experiencing other Drobo operating issues?

I did the Mac upgrade upgrade when it came out. its been awhile but I don’t recall any issues
I’m on a imacPro Desk top

Just upgraded my Mac Mini (late 2014) from OS 10.14 Mojave direct to OS 12.2 Monterey. Drobo Dashboard was already upgraded to 3.5.2 (latest version at the time of upgrade), and no issues reported reconnecting with my 5D.

Notable security change is required to provide Full Disk Access to 2 files in System Preferences specific to the Drobo Dashboard: