Can I Transition from NTFS to HFS+ without Losing Data?

Hi all,

I have the second generation Drobo with 4 x 2TB drives of which slightly under two disks worth of space used. I recently switched my media center from PC to Mac and the NTFS filesystem is readonly. I tried Paragon’s NTFS driver for Mac but it made Drobo Dashboard think I had 0 bytes left on the drive so I quickly uninstalled - then I bought a DroboShare only to find out like others on this forum that it runs like a pig even on a brand new gigabit router, so I’m sending it back.

Can anyone explain how (or even if) I can migrate to the HFS+ file system without losing data? My thinking is that I should be able to create a new volume and assign two disks to it, leaving the current volume in tact but obviously temporarily removing it’s free space and protection disk, then copy all the data across to the new volume, then delete the old volume and move the remaining two disks into the new volume to regain the space and protection disk. Is that plausible, and if so how? If not, is there any other path to changing the file system without buying disks I don’t need just to hold the data temporarily?

drobo doenst work like that

you cant “assign” disks.

all disks are pooled and your volumes live across all of those.

with a normal (i.e.) non-pro/elite drobo you dont have manual control over volume creation like that

you will have to buy disks you dont need temporarily

I feared as much. I think I’ve found a workable solution though, albeit a convoluted one. I’m making some space now, but the intention is I will remove one of the four 2TB disks, allowing the free space on the Drobo to close up but without losing any data, and I’ll attach that drive to my old Windows PC, format it NTFS and copy 2TB worth of data onto it from the Drobo, freeing up a further 2TB, allowing me to remove a second drive from the Drobo and repeat the process. Once I have all my data on two drives attached to the old PC and two remaining in the Drobo, I can reformat the Drobo as HFS+ and then copy the data back to the Drobo from the old PC. Its a lot of mucking about and it’s going to take me about a week of copying during which my data will be vulnerable, but it beats splashing out for drives that I won’t need after the change.

Thanks for the input.


good luck!