Can I reset my Drobo Gen 2 or 3 while it is in Protection Mode

I added a 3rd 2 TB HD to my drobo and it went into protection mode I think as it is blinking dark amber (pretty red for me?) and green. It had 2 2TB drives and 2 1TB drives in it and I added a 3rd 2Tb drive 3 1/2 days ago. It was 82%full when I added the new drive.

During Protection mode I was able to access files on the drobo until today, but now it isn’t showing up on my iMac Finder as a device. I’ve rebooted the iMac several times, unplugged the Firewire800/Thunderbolt connection to the iMac, rebooted, and still nothing.

How can you tell if you have blinking red or yellow with green ?

Sometimes the color is hard to determine, yes. As a general rule, protections take about one day per terabyte, so a little more time may be required before it’s finished.

It’s risky restarting the Drobo while in protection mode, as data corruption could easily result.