can i remove a recently swapped drive during a rebuild?

my drobo was set up as 2+2+2+1. i bought a new 2TB and swapped it in, resulting in 2+2+2+1. i went away for a long weekend, thinking the rebuild would be done when i got back because the previous two times i had swapped a 1TB drive for a 2TB drive it had taken a few days each time.

it has been almost 3 weeks, and the drobo is still rebuilding. drobo dashboardgives me estimates in the 3,000 to 4,000 hour range. recently i’ve become worried that it would never complete and tried to copy the data off of it, but the access speed is so slow when reading from the drobo that it would take thousands of hours as well. also, the drobo dashboard keeps losing and re-establishing its connection to the drobo.

i suspect that the new drive is bad. sometimes when the drobo restarts (i’ve tried following instructions like those at http://support.datarobotics.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/167/session/L3NpZC9QRGpHYURVag%3D%3D/kw/excessive/r_id/100004/sno/1) the drive bay that was recently swapped indicates solid red and the other three bays indicate solid green. however, it usually goes into a rebuild shortly after this with all 4 lights blinking green and orange.

my question is… can i remove the newly swapped-in drive and replace it with the drive that i took out? the drive i removed hasn’t been touched so it would still have its original data.

Unless you have Dual Disk Redundancy (DDR) enabled, DO NOT change drives during rebuild!.

The data on your old drive is likely no longer “in sync” with the rest of the drives if relayout has started, meaning that the data on it isn’t going to rebuild the contents of your array as it currently stands.

3 weeks is a long time though. Contact DRI support and see what they say. Pulling the log restarts the relayout process, but it may be a necessary troubleshooting step, especially since you’re getting red light. But regardless, contact support before doing anything.

i don’t have DDR, because this is a “regular” drobo.

i did contact support. on march 3rd. i’m still waiting for a response. if i want to return the new drive for a replacement, i need some kind of resolution soon.

i’m tempted to restart the drobo, then pull the new drive during the 10 seconds or so that it shows 3 green LEDs with that single bay red.

it may be that it has hung doing the rebuild…


since it may have hung and you havent gotten anywhere with support, personally i would try re-starting drobo, this may kick it back into doing the rebuild. support (i.e. jennifer) will probably tell you not to hard power down (yank the plug) from drobo during a rebuild - as it may cause some data loss/corruption. so its your choice.

first you should probably just give support a call.

i found this knowledge base article for fixing a hung rebuild:


which involves restarting with the drives removed. i’ve tried it maybe three times with no luck. still hoping to hear back from support soon; i have about a week left in my 30-day return window for the new drive. the status of my question on the support site did change from “re-queued” to “working” some time in the last few days, and they have a diagnostics log from march 4th.

[quote=“brentopolis, post:1, topic:1163”]it has been almost 3 weeks, and the drobo is still rebuilding. drobo dashboardgives me estimates in the 3,000 to 4,000 hour range.

http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=997 :slight_smile:

If you can, phone support and reference you case number. It’s obviously urgent to you (it would be to me too), and email back-and-forth just adds wasted time.

It’s like I tell people on the forum I moderate…
If your house is on fire, would you really text or email the fire department about it? I hope not!