Can I make a bootable clone on Droboshare?

I’m running 3 Macs with OS 10.4.10, 10.5.6 and 10.6.
I need to keep all the computers running different operating systems, but also need to allow them all access to the same files and folders.

Prior to getting my Drobo and DroboShare this week I’ve been using Carbon Copy Cloner to make bootable back ups of my Macs on external drives; and then swapping them around to share information, or boot old operating systems up on different computers.

I tried to do the same today using CCC, but am now only given the option of making disk images on the Drobo (not clones).

I’m really not into having disk images, as I’d then have to mount my back up files to read them, and I was hoping to create a network with this DroboShare, so that I could centralise all my data, and then work on them from the various computers, while also having bootable clones of the various computers in case of failure.

This is my first attempt to create a network, and realise I may be making some fundamental mistakes; but if anyone could offer me some advice or maybe recommend some Drobo Aps that could make bootable clones of my drives, and centralise all the data without turning them into disk images, that would be a great help.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

We don’t recommend using the drobo as a bootable disk.

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for your quick reply.

O.K. fair enough, not to make a bootable clone, I guess for that side it would be possible to make it an image, with scripted back ups.

Is it possible to make a clone of all the other data that I would want to have access to from all computers, files folders and stuff like that; that could be updated were I to work on the files on a network computer (so I can work on the files on each computer, but then have a centralised clone, that could be accessed across the network without having to be mounted each time)?

I suppose the real answer would be to simply have all the data transfered to the Drobo, and work on it there, but I work on quite a lot of CPU intensive audio applications, and imagined it might slow down the computer if it had to work on the files over the network.

Any thoughts?

Yes a network is slower. Also the droboshare only works at speeds of about 1/4th the speed of USB.