Can I leave HDDs while moving Drobo?

So I have a 4 HDD Drobo atm. I’ll be moving in a few days time so I’m wondering whether I can simply leave the HDDs inside and pack the Drobo in the same box it came it to transport it?

Will be driving to my new place, but I heard somewhere not to leave HDDs inside? Even though it looks like its a nice and secure fit for the HDDs.


I have with no problems. Just make sure you push in each drive to make sure it’s seated all the way before you power it up.

To move or transport your Drobo or DroboPro, follow these steps:

  1. Safely shut down your Drobo or safely shut down your DroboPro.
  2. Eject your disk drives, keeping them together as a disk pack. Please note that you should not transport Drobo or DroboPro with its drives installed.
  3. Transport Drobo or DroboPro in a package that provides padded support.

I wouldn’t risk moving Drobo with the drives inside…if Drobo’s latches break off, your drives won’t stay inserted, ruining the Drobo. It only takes a few minutes to power it off and eject them (let them cool down a little), worth it in the long run.