Can I install mylar?

So, I just recently got a Drobo 5N and I’m having lots of fun with it.

I have SickBeard, transmission, Crash Plan, and some other DroboApps running well.

I’d really like to install mylar to my Drobo, but I don’t see it on the DroboPorts site. Does that mean I would have to compile it myself?

Does anyone have this working on a Drobo 5N?

Also, I suck at Linux. Anyone want to point me to some sites that can impart some basic knowledge, as I’m basically stumbling through the installation of all of the apps? (I’m quite surprised that everything is working perfectly so far.)

Thanks in advance.

Mylar seems to be a python app, so it should run without too much trouble on the 5N. There is nothing to compile, you just have to install it pulling the files from their repository. It is not foolproof, but you can follow the instructions for packaging sickbeard. It should be almost the same.