Can I Entrust My Life's Photo Collection & Financial History to This System Design?

I want to access my graphic (Aperture, iPhoto) files and financial files (Quicken, TurboTax) from 2 iMac’s located in 2 locations connected by a gigabit ethernet. Back-ups should be cross located, i.e. the iMac at “Location A” would be backed up to the Drobo at “Location B” and visa-versa.

Data Robotics originally recommended I use a a Drobo 5N and two Drobo FS units. Apple shot down the system design using these Drobo’s for at least two reasons: 1) They do not support using any NAS device with Aperture or iPhoto; and 2) only volumes in Mac OSX - Extended Format can be used. The HDD’s in the 5N cannot be formatted as an OSX Extended volume.

In fact, Apple only supports the use of locally mounted OSX-Extended volumes for Aperture libraries; i.e. carry a portable HDD between my Mac’s.

After further discussion with Data Robotics, they recommend using a Share of a Drobo 5D connected to the iMac at “Location A” for storing the Aperture/iPhoto files (and Quicken) and accessing them by File Sharing from the iMac at “Location B”.

Time Machine would back-up iMac “A” to a Drobo FS at “Location B”. Likewise, Time Machine would back-up iMac “B” to a Share on the 5D at “Location A.” The Share of the 5D (containing the File Shared graphic and financial files) and the other files residing on the HDD of iMac B will be backed up to the other FS at “Location B.”

Based on your knowledge and experience will this system work reliably to access critical files from two locations and back all files up dependably?

hi dumbo, i dont know much about macs but here are some things that spring to mind…

are you 100% needing to remain with all mac computers?
are you willing to trust automatic backups?

assuming all locations have internet connectivity:

if i had computer a)
and another one at computer b)

and if computer a) folder 1)
needed to be backed up onto computer b) folder 1)

and if computer b) folder 2)
needed to be backed up onto computer 1) folder 2)

those transfers can be done without needing timemachine at all.

(on a pc it could be simply done with one of the “Syncback” programs, secure ftp transfer tools, or an online service such as drop box which auto synchronizes files and folders.)
i dont know if there is a way to get syncback to work on a mac, but am sure there are online services and secure ftps tools that exist.

in terms of you needing to “access” data from a 3rd location, so that you can access files from computer a) and computer b) then maybe some kind of local syncing/replication can help, but it would need to be tested etc 1st.

(if you are planning on having lots of other people, or employees accessing your data, then maybe your system will slow down, but if it is just for your own purposes, i would think that it’s better to have your huge files such as aperture/libaries locally instead.?[hr]
either way, if you only have 1 copy of your data currently, its strongly recommended you make backups before you start tinkering (so to speak) especially if they are lifelong memories etc.)

(if you also have any more information you can divulge regarding your “locations” and rationale behind it, it might help others to better analyse your setups and better suggest things for you.

this may not help you right now with your initial question - but hopefully some gain can come out of it :slight_smile:

IMO the weakest link in the access-over-the-network scenario is the network itself.

If the network connection drops out in the middle of some important file operation, you could lose that file or even corrupt the entire database (I assume Aperture uses some kind of database). That’s probably why Apple does not support any NAS for Aperture and iPhoto.

Unless Loc A and Loc B are in the same physical location, you’re at the mercy of your ISP’s stability and the stability of everything in between the locations. Even a brief interruption in service can be enough for the OS to time out and cause issue.
If Loc A and Loc B are in the same location, then it’s mainly a matter of ensuring your network hardware has a battery backup, but I wouldn’t trust my important data to any single physical location.

Is there a possibility that the Aperture and/or iPhoto library could be accessed by machines in both Loc A and Loc B at the same time?
If not, assuming there are no technical restrictions that would break this, I would look into the possibility of having the library “local” on both machines, then having some kind of file-based synchronization between the two locations.

If you can afford the storage space, Dropbox (or another cloud-based, locally cached auto-synchronizing storage) would work great since it stores files locally then synchronizes to the Dropbox cloud.

For example, I use my password database on multiple machines (work, home, mobile) so it’s on my Dropbox. If the network goes down, I still have the most-recent cached version on whatever system I’m using, and it’ll re-synchronize when the network returns.

Of course there’s the possibility of things falling out of sync, but this doesn’t happen often.
My Evernote notes are much the same - I work on the local database which is then is synced with the Evernote server when there is network connectivity.

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