Can I encrypt the data I store on Drobo?

Yes. One easy way to do this is to create an encrypted disk image using Disk Utility on OS X or using Windows Explorer’s file attribute option on Windows (not available on Windows XP Home Edition). A variety of third party software for creating encrypted files and folders will also work. A great free, cross-platform (Windows XP & Vista, OS X, Linux) option is TrueCrypt.

Encryption tools that try to encrypt every block on Drobo will not work unless you create a dedicated partition for storing encrypted data. If you do not create a dedicated partition these type of tools will try to encrypt every block on Drobo, but never finish since Drobo creates a virtual disk partition large than available disk space. Creating a dedicated partition that is the same or smaller than the available capacity actually installed in Drobo avoids this issue.

Drobo is currently not compatible with hardware-based Full Disk Encryption (FDE).

Have they updated the 5D so it can be encrypted? If not could you tell me how the work flow would be after creating the Disk Image?
I am concerned the overall performance speed would decrease because the files will be read from a disk image instead of being read directly. But not only that, I also think there could issues related to the need of having to mount the drive time the computer is rebooted.
Thank you.

I looked at enabling backup using the feature within the Dashboard, but there is an error in it creation. I checked with Drobo and they stated that I should enable backup and then encrypt that portion of the disk.

My assumption is that the “enabling” would create a separate partition which would be visible and I could run Bitlocker and encrypt the backup.

I am not having any luck with this.

Any thoughts?