Can I choose which bay/drive to use in a Drobo 5N2?

Hi, I have recently bought the 5N2 and struggling to set it up as I want it - I want it so that the drive in bay 1 is mine and backups to the drive in bay 2, Bay 3 I want for my wife and bay 4 will be her backup, then I want bay 5 for all my movies/film storage. How do I do this!? None of the drobo apps seems to let me choose where in the Drobo I store particular data/files! Thank you for your help its much appreciated!

Sorry, but Drobo doesn’t allow the disks to be used in that way. All the disks are combined to act as one logical drive, or volume. This allows you to replace a drive when needed without losing any files, as the missing info from any one disk can be recreated from the other disks.

You can create separate shared folders within this logical drive to help keep things organized, but your files will be spread across all drives. Hope this helps.

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@AzDragonLord aren’t you able to create multiple volumes?

I might have misunderstood, but I recently created 2 (of 6) available volumes on my Drobo Pro 8 bay. I think there is some limitations to the sizes of said volumes (16TB?) but essentially I have a volume for Back Ups and a seperate volume for "other’ files and folders.

Not sure if that poses limitations in other ways but seems ok so far. Whilst it’s not technically an exercise in separating out which bay is being used as per the OP, the Drobo is mounting as two independent volumes as far as I can tell giving me greater flexibility in set up.

@RickSpeight, to @AzDragonLord’s point Drobo doesn’t support JBOD set up which i think is what you are asking.


Yes, you can create more than one volume. Each volume however is still spread across all drives for redundancy.

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