Can I abort repositioning data?

Ive just bought a new 2TB drive, without any research whatsoever. Asuming prices wouldn’t vary that much, I just bought the type I’ve already had (but bigger) and replaced one of my smaller drives in my drobo. My data is now being repositioned (for the next 40 hours or so), and in the meantime I was just wondering how much the same drive would cost me online. That came to be about €99. I’VE JUST PAID €190! normally I don’t really care, but this is ridiculous. I want to go back to the store, but I think I have a better chance for a refund if I do this right away, instead of waiting for the drobo being finished. Is this possible? Could I put the old drive back in, or would that mean I’ll loose data?


in theory it is just rebuilding onto the new drive, if you took it out and then put he old drive back in it would start rebuilding onto that instead.

that is IN THEORY

in practise i would STRONGLY advise against pulling a drive during relayout. it wont take that long to finish. let it get back to SOLID green before swapping your drive back for the old one.

Thanks for your speedy reply. It indeed doesn’t feel right to do it right now, but the time to relayout is still about 35 hours. If this is accurate I wouldn’t be able to go back tomorrow either (it’s 18:30 now locally). Wouldn’t it be save either to eject the new drive (without putting in the old one) and let the other 3 drives relayout on each other?

I’ve experienced this exact same scenario. Customer replaced drive then realized that wasn’t the drive they wanted in the drobo and pull it. Most of the time they create a Too Many Hard Drives Removed scenario.

I would recommend waiting until all green then pull that drive out.

Allright, thanks for the advice guys! I’ll let it do its thing for now.