Can HDDs in a Drobo be pulled & read on a PC?

Please forgive the lack of familiarity with this, it’s new to me and of Linux I know not. I’m guessing from what I’ve read in the forum posts and from watching DRIs videos, that the BeyondRAID technology somehow “stripes” data over multiple drives, i.e., that a single file might exist in parts and pieces on multiple physical drives. If my guess is right, how is it possible, or is it even possible, to read that data from anything other than a Drobo? Surely just slapping a drive into a box running Linux and expecting to be able to read it cleanly can’t be realistic? And yet, from my forum reads it appears Drobo stores in NTFS format…

Confused and looking for my turnip truck.

(Perhaps, I am guessing, the answer will be, “sort of”.)

no, only thing that will read them is another drobo, and that’s only if you have the full disk pack (or at least the pack minus 1).

i believe the answer is no. There is a better answer here in the forums somewhere™ that explains the why.

The filesystem applies to the array as a whole, just like it does for other RAID and RAID-like arrays.

So if you pull a drive, you only get whatever pieces of data happen to land on that drive. In most cases, you won’t have enough of the file to reconstruct anything useful, if you were able to figure out what belongs to what to begin with. You’d get random chunks of NTFS data. :slight_smile:

is it like the pidgeon-hole effect (which we’ve discussed before regarding file hashes)?
eg, that it would be extremely unlikely in the extreme, to pull off anything useful from a drobo in this way (assuming a new person just puts 1 drive into their drobo to start with, and then that 1 drive simmply (is) the disk pack?

Edit - thanks bhiga

A drive from a disk pack of 1 or 2 drives will likely have less-scrambled (or even straight-readable, assuming you get past the different or lack of filesystem) data.

Mainly because it’s strict storage or mirroring at that point. But Drobo might still be sly in its ways and put data, say , on alternating ends of the two drives or something.

Thanks to all!

It appears I did deduce correctly the inherent inability to pull full sets of usable data from a single Drobo HDD if separated from the Drive Pack. This, along with my other question about securely wiping HDDs used in a Drobo is exactly what I needed to know, both for “can I” and “how to”.