Can Fuppes be used on xbox 360 arcade?


I’ve just gone out and bought an Xbox 360 arcade, can i play my media on this using Fuppes or is this something that is not allowed on the arcade?


Answering my own question here after hours last night of trying to get Fuppes running with Xbox. In the simplest terms, no xbox arcade does not play video (music not tested yet).

The problem is not really as bad as it sounds because after hours of changing coding, deleting and rebuilding database files I managed to get the files to appear on my xbox arcade however none of the codecs were supported and required an update. Because xbox arcades do not come with a hard drive the updates needed to play the media could not be installed.

So in summary no an xbox arcade cannot make much use of Fuppes unless you buy a hard drive. But on the plus side I can confirm you can run Fuppes on an xbox :slight_smile: