Can DroboPro use 6TB Harddrives ?


we have a Drobo Pro FW800/iScsi 8-Slot/DRPR1A31 can we use 6TB Harddrives ?

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I also would like to know if this is possible with the 5TB and 6TB disks has anyone tried this?

FW: 1.2.2

Hi, not to hijack this thread but is there any benefit for using Seagate’s Hybrid drives?

I have a Drobo pro and want to use the 4 TB :

Need an answer to this, considering trashing my DroboPro if I don’t get an answer to this within the next coming few months. 10TB+ Hard drives have already began shipping, and i plan on utilizing these as soon as possible.

Also, on a side note…i’m extremely disappointed DataRobotics now refers to my very very very expensive DroboPro as a legacy item. Bought this unit under the pretense that this was all i ever needed in a data array system with room for expansion.

It is currently maxed out with 8x4TB drives and although there is a few TB’s left…it will not be enough free space in 5-6 months time.

Any ‘response’ or help would be appreciated.

My last conversation with Drobo indicated that larger than 4 TB drive shouldn’t be an issue, just need to add volumes due to the 17 TB limit per volume.

So is there a concrete answer for this? I own a Drobo Pro and its full of 4TB drives and running out of space. I need to know if I can invest in 6/10TB or do I need to purchase new hardware all together.

Is there any documentation anywhere supporting this?

Did you ever end up trying this? I am in need of getting a new disk for my Drobo pro.

I am using 8 Seagate 5TB drives. I don’t think larger drives are a problem. In my experience the vendors list the product as supporting the largest possible drive at that time whatever that may be as it might not make sense to say an enclosure would support a 20TB drive when no such thing existed at the time. I have not ran into any limitation issues with the Drobo or any other enclosure for that matter but I am disappointed in the community a bit not being able to answer some of my simple questions. I am new to Drobo and just haven’t completely been able to wrap my head around how it works.

There is a KB article which states, if I recall, that the limits for the DroboPro were 15 volumes of 16TB each. This would lend to the belief that DroboPro in its latest firmware (1.2.2?) would support individual disk sizes of 32TB in order to meet the maximum unit capacity.

Just rough numbers in my head - and no specific confirmation from Drobo. I’m sure someone else might be able to chime in and provide specifics. I am also interested in expanding my DroboPro from it’s current 8x2TB Seagate Enterprise drives.

As an aside - what model disks are you all using on your Pros? At one time I though the Drobo Selector stated that only Enterprise quality drives should be used in a Pro - and this is why I am currently only at 2TB disks.

Hello Everyone,
Here are a couple of knowledge base articles that may be helpful.

The latest firmware for the DroboPro is v1.2.2.

For 6TB drives, please be aware that the maximum usable space will be 16TB.

The latest firmware for the DroboPro is v1.2.2.

For 6TB drives, please be aware that the maximum usable space will be 16TB.

I don’t understand when you are saying that “the maximum usable space will be 16TB”. If I have 8x 6TB drives, shouldn’t I have 48TB space available?
I also thinking about changing some (4) of the current 2TB-drives of my DroboPro Firewire to 4x new 6TB-Drives. Right now, Drobo Dashboard says that my Max Capacity is 16TB (file system HFS+). Do I just need to install the new drives, reformat all to the max (48TB ?) and re-copy all my data back to the drive?
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I am using DroboPro with 8 2TB-drives. Thinking to upgrade to 4 or 6TB drives very soon.
I dont understand what you are saying by “just need to add volumes due to the 17? TB limitation per volume”. What do you mean? What is the volumes you are talking about? How to create/add a volume then?

Any help/answer would be greatly appreciated,

Maybe this helps to make up your mind:
According to this the annual failure rate is the same as with pro consumer drives you just get a higher warranty.

Right now I am using 5-6 year old WD green in my Pro which runs only once a week or so and new WD Red 6TB in my new 5D.

I think it is best to use NAS drives and if you want them as fast as possible take 4 or 6 TB. The lower TB the lower the speed.

thanks for the link dobbie,
just fyi, after about 4-5 years one of my wd greens failed (more details in link below if you need)

my drobo was used almost daily for a long time, but all things being equal, then hopefully youll get about 20 years of use for your drive :slight_smile: