can Drobo FS read 1st Generation Drobodisks

I got a drobo 1st generation. I´m thinking about buying a drobo FS or a Drobo S. Can it read my old drobo disks? Are they compatible?

No, they’re not compatible, the FS will not re-use a disk pack from another Drobo and keep the data intact. You can re-use the old disks, but it will wipe them. You will have to move your data onto another set of drives in the FS over the network.

Consider it an opportunity to get some nice shiny low-power large drives for your new FS… details your upgrade futures for disk packs, with the exception of going from Gen 1 to Gen 2 Drobo (KB says Gen 1 and Gen 2 are interchangeable as long as both units are running the same firmware version).

Drobo FS seems to have no “migrate in” path other than copying all your data.