Can Drobo 5D take 12 TB hard drive?

I have two Drobo 5D’s, both loaded with five 10 TB hard drives. One now has a yellow light. My finances are tight to the extreme right now but I need to replace it with a bigger drive. Does the 5D take 12 TB drives? Will I need to install two to take advantage of the extra 2 TBs?

Thank you!

According to this KB article you can use up to 14TB drives.

The very handy Capacity Calculator will guide you if you need one or two for available capacity in your setup to grow, just configure it with your existing drive sizes, check or uncheck dual disk redundancy to match your setup, then try.

With 5 matching drives and DDR enabled you might need to replace 3 to see a growth in available space. Probably not what you want to hear, but still better than having to replace all 5 which traditional RAID 5 or 6 would require.

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I’m on iMac Pro with 2-5D3’s. I have (3-16TB) & (5-16TB) working in them

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Be aware of 16TB maximum volume size.

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Thank you, cyber. Very helpful!

Thank you, TT. Good information!

Thank you, FSD. Very encouraging. I wonder if the 5D will do the same?

Thank you, DroboMod. Maybe if 2021 turns into a much better year that 2020 has been, I can start loading up on 16 TB drives…