Can data on Drobo Synced Target be read

My second DroboPro-FS has been DroboSyncing ever since the firmware was released a few days ago. There is no shares tab on the Target machine and I cannot seem to see any folders or shares on that drive. Is that because it is still syncing or will the data always remain invisible. I had intended to have an application read data from the Target drive so as to balance the load between all the DroboPros. Is this not possible? It says that writes can only occur on the source as sync is only one way but reads as well?


You are certain that your ` Pro-FS devices are using firmware 1.0.2 and Dashboard 1.8.2?

Yes, 100% certain. In fact all the DroboSync options were only enabled by 1.8.2 and 1.0.2. It is happily syncing but all the content on the Target is invisible. It is certainly filling up though.


My unit will arrive tomorrow and I shall try the Drobo Sync function. I’ll feedback here later on the result.

You will be able to mount volumes on your second DroboPro FS (in read only mode) once the initial sync has completed.



Tested and it worked!

I configure my box with the following setting :

Unit 1 : Drobo-FS => Renamed to FS1
Unit 2 : Drobo-FS => Renamed to FS2

IP Add : for box 1
and for box 2

Both having the same username Admin with the password same

At box 1 Dashboard > Operation Sync As Source > Password must be the same as box 2 > Target info point to

At box 2 Dashboard > Operation Sync As Target > Key In The same password as box 1


Work like a charm …

To access the data, from the dashboard TICK the volume and it will mount and create a drive for you in your MY COMPUTER for windows. For MAC as a drive on your desktop.

Thanks for that, Jason. Sadly it never finished the initial sync, after three days I found it had reset itself and the Drobo was once more showing itself empty. Turned DroboSync off pretty quickly after that.

Thanks again