Can 5N disks be read by a 4-bay Drobo?

I have a Drobo 5N with 5 disks configured with dual-disk redundancy. I’m considering getting a second Drobo, the 4-bay DAS.

If I pulled four of the hard drives out of the 5N and put them in the 4-bay Drobo, would the 4-bay Drobo be able to read it?

Conversely, if would the 5N be able to read the hard disks of the 4-bay Drobo?


No and no.

Oh, so sad.

hi as john said, its not possible,
but just to mention that, after copying your data somewhere else (and verifying the copy etc), you could still reuse a drive from a 5n, into a das model, or vice versa. (eg re-purposing a drive)