Calibre E-Book Server

Has anyone ported Calibre to Drobo? The app has a built-in webserver so it would great to see a port of it.

hi sunra,
i think there is a portable version of calibre, i dont rember seeing a drobo port for it, but it doest necessarily mean that it couldnt exist :slight_smile:

I have looked at it, but the problem is the incredibly long list of dependencies that need to be cross compiled. Have a look here:

python	2.7.1 not 3.x
Python Imaging Library	1.1.6
Qt	4.8.0
PyQt	4.9.6
python-mechanize	0.1.11
ImageMagick	6.5.9
xdg-utils	1.0.2
lxml	3.2.1
python-dateutil	1.4.1
cssutils	0.9.9
BeautifulSoup	3.0.5
dnspython	1.6.0
poppler	0.20.2
podofo	0.8.2
libwmf	0.2.8
chmlib	0.40
ICU	4.4
libmtp	1.1.5
netifaces	0.8
psutil	0.6.1
cssselect	0.7.1
apsw	3.7.17

Each one of those has further dependencies (ImageMagick, for example, uses all kinds of image libraries – jpeg, png, gif, …). Some of these might not even be compilable for the Drobo (QT is a graphical library, I’m not sure if it’ll actually compile for something that has no graphics hardware).

It is a huge undertaking.

Yes its a long laundry list. Ooo well guess that’s not going to happen.

Thanks For Your Response!

This is a good Calibre Web Server that I’ve gotten to work on the Drobo5N in the past using ricardo’s apache port. Drobo’s built-in apache does not support PHP 5.3 or above.

I had to stop using it because ricardo’s apache port was giving me some issue and now is not available on the website. I’ve installed the php5 port to try to see if I could get it running again but I’m not sure exactly what I have to edit to have Drobo’s apache recognize it’s there. Using a php info page still shows the PHP as 5.2.6.

Wow that’s great! Let me know if you get it to work.

I’m hoping that Drobo can update the apache app someday. Most NAS devices out right now have at least PHP3 or PHP4.