Bug With Dashboard's Usage Display?

Here is a strange one. Upon safely ejecting and inserting my Drobo v2 (firmware 135 and dashboard 1.5/1.66/1.67) it correctly shows the usage as being 3.6TB available, 0 reserved, 1.8TB for protection, and 6GB for overhead.

A few minutes later, it changes the values to show 3.6TB avail, 1.8TB reserved, 11GB protection, and 3GB overhead.

Does this seem correct at all? This is with a disk pack of 2TB, 2TB, 1TB, and 1TB.

The first set of values is correct. Why does it change like this?


no idea, open a support case. it sounds like just a cosmetic issue

Same here, with V2/1.35/1.6.7/W7x64. Furthermore, my usage bar alternates between these two interpretations every few seconds.