Buffering on PC with video streaming, but fine on other devices?

Hey guys, this is the weirdest thing I have yet to see from my Drobo. My PC which connected to a switch with a 1.0 gigabit Ethernet connection, I have another HTPC connected to the same switch running XBMC. I try running a video file with VLC, Media Player Classic, basically any player you can think of and it is stuttering and pausing like crazy, while on my HTPC the stream is fine. Any ideas guys? I never noticed this before but then again I barley stream from my Drobo to my PC, always to my HTPC. But its just weird that the stream is fine on my HTPC and not on my PC when their both connected to the same switch and have the same network speeds.

edit: Okay well transfer speeds seem to be fine, transferring from my PC to the drobo that is, around 22-24 Megabytes per second which is what I normally get, so I have no clue why I can’t stream properly.

EditEdit: tried another cable and another windows device (laptop), same stuff, can’t use VLC to stream a blu-ray rip but it streams fine on my HTPC which runs XBMC through Linux. I mean I highly doubt its an OS thing, what do you guys think? 3 devices, 2 of which are running windows, the one that isn’t streams just fine.

EditEditEdit: Okay the issue apparently fixed itself, any idea on what might have caused this?