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I generously say:“Certainly, it is very not easy to see a top of one side, you live bottom, we can have a chat calmly and more.”
I am angry ground of to say:Why doesn’t that your father come out testimony?
Once have a meal, he spoke hesitatingly a ground claim:"Teacher Liang, if, if can of words, I think ����I want to live at your house ����live a to stay overnight.Tomorrow’s train ticket I buy.Walk early in the morning ����"Si is already 9:30 p.m…
ur purpose.My father is in the article of death ex- discount ray ban sunglasses to tell him the things of the past for letting your mother down.
I say again:"Refunded tomorrow, played in Peking for several days!"He repeatedly shakes head:"That can not go.Only having is false for half month.Stay in the Cang ray ban sunglasses sale continent for 35 days behind, call on relatives a leave for and leave for ten days not to arrive.My old mother can miss me which ����"I oddly ask:“So you arrive Cang continent to go, isn’t ����” he shook to shake head again:"Did you forget?My house is in Ta-ching!Arrive Cang continent the village go, visiting my grandmother.My father gets on the car ray ban sunglasses outlet to seek me in station in Tienjin, we go to Cang continent together ����
It is those big rices, fed our brothers a pair.His son says:If my father said out, those rice and oils all wanted to vomit.By so doing, can we also live cheap ray ban sunglasses down?
I am silent to have no language:Pitiful world parents’ heart.
At we usually of or not too and usually of customs life in, some affairs are too listenned to seem drama to turn and make people doubt that its meaning is actually and where.However small and soft on thinking, your mind must be of touched, you will can not help tearful shed tears ����several days ago, my house came to a guest who comes uninvited, was a youth petroleum that I know in Xinjiang in 1985 worker.It was the person about 30 years old to reckon at present him the.The years fleets away, greatly and Gobi desert of the sandstorm is on his face lead early engrave next crease.With metropolis of together the age person compare and see he wants to be old up 10 years old.
Is it he that did hand and foot on the steelyard?I the no time for waiting ground ask.
Be not.His son says:My father just when every time calls rice and oil, raised beam scale upwards some.The in a little moment can call severally more at a time two, many can call more at a time a few catty.Coming down for a year was the piece that your mother grafts.
He smiled.
BE return so ray ban sunglasses online a matter.Unfortunately my mother has never kissed an ear to hear:Mother, your daughter finally return you Be getting more innocent.You aren’t corruption to make, you can with Ming eyes underworld.
In fact, his son immediately after says:My father is all day living in pain and sufferings that the conscience is endured long hardship.Until in the article of death front, he just tell us the true facts, we must substitute him to compensate offense to you.This is good enough to explain, he didn’t forget the mistake that he commits from cradle to the grave.Carry this heavy burden, his old man’s house lives really tiredly.;u=9731