Broadcasting to UDP 5002 every 5 sec

I realized that Drobo Dashboard is broadcasting 18 Bytes UDP data to Port 5002 every 5 seconds on every available network interface. I guess it’s looking for Drobo Share / Pro etc.
Can I somehow stop that?! I’ve connected Drobo directly via USB and those broadcasts are producing way too much traffic on my VPN Connection to my cellphone.

Edit: v1.2.4 was broadcasting to every 5 sec, v1.6.8 is now broadcasting to every individual broadcast IP every 2 sec…

Go into advanced controls > tools tab.

Uncheck “automatically check for updates”.

@Jennifer Checking for updates every 2 or 5 seconds? Really? That can’t be it, can it? And surely that would be directed at some Drobo-owned web site, not at the broadcast address.

That’s not what I’m looking for. Drobo Dashboard is continuously broadcasting data over every network connection it can find every 2 Seconds. This has nothing to do with automatic updates, I guess it is looking for Drobo Share / Pro on the network.

Can you please make an option to stop that and/or limit it to a specific network interface in further Dashboard versions?

I can request it as a feature request.


This must aldo be why I am seeing:
(Win XP Task Manager and “Process Explorer” is showing that:

----> Drobo DashBoard v1.6.8 is constantly, every 2 seconds, using up to 6% CPU resources on my Win XP PC. This is a lot of frequent and considerable CPU activity, whereas all my other application processes do not use this amout of CPU Percentage, as often as every 2 seconds,, except for Win XP’s own System proceses.

NOTE: Even with the DashBoard GUI closed, it uses this 6% CPU every 2 seconds

… I like my pc to run lean, in terms of CPU Resources, when Drobo DashBoard is installed on it.

Therefore, I am also, Requesting that

1. I too would like “the Every 2 seconds - 6% CPU Usage” to be reduced or preferably eliminated, when the DashBoard - GUI Window is Closed and minimzed to the SysTray.

2. Also, if DashBoard is “Exited”, DDservice continues to run as a Service. Is it possible to automatically “Stop” the DDservice", when DashBoard is Exitted via SysTray - Right Click, “Exit” ?

Please put in Feature Request section of this forum.

Was this resolved in v2.5.3? I would like to minimize or eliminate the UDP Broadcast on port 5002 every few seconds

Was anyone able to accomplish this? If so, how?