breaking open a lacie to get hard drive

I have a Lacie d2 Quadra hard drive and I am a bit worried it might be on the way out ie fail. So there fore don’t want to use it as is.
Can I take off the casing remove the hard drive and put it into my drobo and if it does fail there I am safe and also I get 500gb of more space

I did this with two Hitachi SATA drives that were in two LaCie enclosures. The controller boards died, probably due to heat and poor ventilation, but the drives tested out fine and have been running for the past 9 months or so in my Drobo.

I do suggest connecting them via a USB or other enclosure and running low level diagnostics to make sure that the drives are healthy before plugging them in. It’d really stink to add the drive, get half way through a re-layout and then have the drive die.

Its all cool I carried on and took it apart and it looks like its working[hr]

Thanks for the reply

Agree with Buzz - at the very least run the manufacturer’s diagnostics on it.

Be extra careful when adding “iffy” drives - it highly increases the chance of having multiple simultaneous drive failures that Drobo can’t protect you from.

Or another way to look at it, would you have the doctor install a “refurbished” or “should work OK” pacemaker in you, if you needed a pacemaker?

Thanks for reply take your point

Brandon…if the insurance companies get to decide then the answer is YES. :wink:

@Buzz: Yeah, so unfortunately true!!