Brand new drobo, irritating problems

Just got my drobo gen2 in, super excited, a WD 1.5TB green and a seagate 1.5TB. planning on moving all the data off a 1TB seagate then moving that drive in, then doing the same thing for a 1TB WD.

Anyway, it’s super slow. super, super, super slow. Snow Leopard on all my machines. Tried FW800, USB2, and FW400 with a 9 to 6 pin adaptor.

Slowness I can handle. The problem comes when I run Unison: http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/

It’s basically running rsync between my local drive and drobo to make sure all the files make it over successfully. Copying from Finder doesn’t trigger this, running from USB or FW400 doesn’t trigger this (wish I’d found that out before ordering a FW800 pciE controller) - it’s just the Unison program.

Anyway, what happens is that I run it to sync the directories, and after a little bit Drobo starts saying that my Data is At Risk, and Data Protection is in progress, and takes hours for the drives to go green. Let me repeat - these are brand new drives, they’re fine, everything’s copying fine, I’m not in the room, nothing’s being jarred or moved around, the drives are pristine. But something is making it think it has to always be “in progress” for “6 minutes” (which takes 30) to “1 hour remaining”.

Copying from Finder is almost unacceptably slow, but I can accept it due to the fact that it’s keeping my data safe and isn’t doing the more relatively simple RAID5 algorithm. But all of a sudden flashing green and yellow at me for hours while it re-backups / re-checksums data? Just from running Unison? WTF is going on?

Any insight would be awesome. I want to love my drobo, because my wife’s point of view was “just delete crap,” and mine was “no, I need to protect everything!” So I’d love to have a working product here.

Apologies in advance if I’m missing the point here, but if you’re using Unison to sync files between your Mac’s HDD & Drobo, couldn’t you simply set-up Drobo as your Time Machine drive, and OSX will do the rest for you ? You could then simply delete Unison, as there seems to be a conflict there.

Not sure why you’re getting slow transfers between your Mac & Drobo over FW800 (if Unison definitely isn’t effecting that type of transfer). with my v2 connected directly to my iMac, the transfer times were fine.


Hi, I have two v.2 drobos. One connected to a mac mini (via firewire) and one to a mac pro (via firewire). Both store media files. Since the Drobos are in two diff rooms I sync them with Sync Pro X over my wired network with no problem and even with media files it’s reasonably fast. Maybe it is the Unison??? Have you tried anything else? I’ve used SuperDuper and ChronosSync with very good results also. The only reason I use SyncProX is because it handles the network sync better than the others, at least for me.

The only time I experienced slowness like you describe is when I was connected via Drobo Share.

My time machine drive is a plain-ol’ eSATA drive - drobo is for storing non-critical-but-really-don’t-want-to-lose data.

So, turns out - wonder of wonders - drobo started saying one of my drives was bad, I didn’t believe it, sent a message to drobo support. Pulled the drive out and am running TechTool surface scan…and it’s littered with errors. Never experienced a brand-new drive that was bad out of the box, so I had just assumed it was the drobo.

Thanks for your input guys!