Boxee Box

I have 2 Boxee Boxes that absolutely can not steam from the Drobo FS. I was able to add the SMB shares, but when you try to play a file/movie it just sits there and spins. Has anyone else seen this issue?

No. My Boxee Box works just fine with the drobo-fs. Standard plain ole settings on drobo.

Yeah saw that too. My Boxee/Drobo-FS combo worked fine as well with plain old settings … until I upgraded the firmware on the Boxee box to the latest code.

I’m on the latest Boxee Box firmware too. No issues. Factory reset maybe?

Yeah, I am a Boxee Box user too, no problems like you are describing…

  • Jon

hi is there a way to hop up a normal v1/v2 drobo through boxeebox on a normal tv?
(eg i only have 3 composite plugs or scart input on my tv, no hdmi)