Boxee Box

Hi I’ve just purchased a drobo v2 and would like to know if its compatible with the boxee box via usb. The drobo will be filled with 4 2tb wd ears drive. Unless there are better recommendations? Thank you.


it will be at a basic level - the two questions really are can boxee support volumes greater than 2tb (i.e. with a GUI partition table rather than MBR)- or can it support multiple volumes on a single device? you’d be best asking those on the boxee forums

Have done. What about the hard drives? Any good?

The ‘basic’ Drobo isn’t constrained by HDD speed, so go with what is reliable and you can get a good deal on. I recently replaced 2x1TB WD GP drives with 2x 2TB WD20EADS from Newegg for about $79/ea.

When I 1st got my Drobo v2, I went a little overboard and got FASS drives. No need to spend that kind of $.

well done griffin, i couldnt find any good deals on wd20eads’s so ended up getting a bunch of wd15eads’s instead,