Bottom of unit burning hot

I have a new mini with 3 1tb WD 2.5" red drives and a 32gb msata card installed. The bottom of the unit gets so hot it will burn you to touch it and the fans are barely running. Is this normal or is my unit faulty?

Please collect a set of logs from your MINI and file a case with support to have this properly reviewed. We have seen issues with units getting warm, so we would like to review this further.


Drobo Support

We just got a couple of these yesterday and both are extremely hot on the bottom too. I’ve been trying to submit a support case but get a weird “there’s a problem with your account, please email us” error. So I’m waiting to hear back from that before submitting. It’s definitely REALLY hot though!

I am concerned that I am having the same issue with my new drobo mini (with 4 1TB HDs and 64MB sata). The base of the unit seems very warm to the touch. There’s currently no data on the drives and it should be idling.

Same here.
Just got yesterday.
Inserted 2x1tb drives.
No data yet.
Burning hot!
Submitted the ticket with diagnostic file.

P.S. I looked at the content of diagnostic archive and it contans system.log file from my mac. There could be private data logged… I’m concerned…

Mine (brand new unit) is smokin’ hot too - I have a big thermaltake USB fan blowin’ in the general direction of the bottom of it. Drobo dashboard says health is GOOD

They actually have an article in their knowledgebase about that:
Does the diagnostic log file include or reveal any information about my files? Why can’t I read them?

The diagnostics don’t have any personal information logged in them.