both music folder + itunes library on the FS?

I will soon be done migrating my 3TB music folder from old Drobo to new FS, and have to decide where to put the itunes library file.

With my old setup, I kept nothing more than the music folder on the Drobo, and the library file still on my Macbook Pro. But would it be better to have it all on the FS? Will it possibly be faster to rip records and edit song files and album folders, or just the same? Of course I am aware that it is easier to share the itunes library with others in the network this way, but are there other advantages aswell? And are there any disadvantages?

I have all my files on the Drobo (regular 4-bay version via USB), and the library on the Mac Mini. This is for a number of reasons including:

  • I want to have my files in a directory structure I choose, for easy backup via scripts amongst other things
  • I had it this way before I bought the Drobo, when all my files were on a Linux fileserver and mounted via Samba, which is basically the setup you would use with the FS.
  • I was worried about performance when starting up iTunes, and searching the library and making playlists. I was (and still am) on 100Mbit Ethernet so I thought that would be an issue.

The only downside I have found is that when you delete something from your library using iTunes it will not delete the source file, you have to go find it and delete it yourself.

Sharing your library via iTunes sharing will work just the same no matter where your files are. If iTunes is running, you are sharing.

Thanks Spiney.

But why do you have to delete source files separately after deleting them from the library? I have the exact same setup as you, and Itunes always ask if I want to delete the songs from the music folder aswell.

Good point about library searches, and editing playlists. I think I will keep the library on my mac but maybe set up an alternative library on the FS just out of curiousity.

Mine’s always worked that way, probably due to the way I have it set up.

My iTunes Media folder is still set to my local disc, and that’s where podcasts and purchases from the iTunes store go. I have the box unchecked in iTunes that says “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library”. I add files to it manually, or through tools like VisualHub and VideoMonkey that have an “add to iTunes” option. This way I can keep the source files the way I want to in my own directory structure so that I can find things from a command line, and other people on my network who aren’t using iTunes hav a sane structure to browse through.

If I use iTunes to download podcasts, or buy things from the iTunes store, then they go into my local folder in my user account and get deleted when I delete in iTunes. I move the purchases into my structure later. Podcasts are transient so they just stay in the iTunes folder locally.