Both drobo S rebooting loop

Though I would ask for any ideas as this just seems very odd. I bought two Drobo S units at the same time (feb 2010), had them each plugged into there own firewire port on a 2009 Mac Pro. Rebooted the Mac Pro and now both of the Drobo S will not boot up, they just keep rebooting and rebooting. I checked the support site and followed there instruction but nothing seems to make a difference.

Has anyone any ideas as to why both of them would do this? They were bought at the same time and i have never had problems with them before this.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions

Mine was purchased around the same time as yours and recently went through the same thing ( I recommend opening a support case, contacting the vendor and seeing what they say. Initial guestimates about my unit was the power supply. This turned out to be wrong and they had to replace the enclosure itself.

Good luck!

Mine just got stuck with the same problem. I bought it 19 february 2010. We may have a faulty serie… :frowning:

Shiva, from Switzerland

Please open a support case.

I just did a few hours ago. :slight_smile:

All units will need to be replaced, i also had this problem.

The main problem is. This problem might struck you anytime (again), there is no solution other then a replacement unit and Drobo keeps it mouth shut on why this problem occurs or when this problem will be fixed with a firmware update.