Borrow a DroboFS? (Chicago, IL area)

I recently sold my DroboFS in anticipation of the Drobo 5N, but I’ve been less than pleased about the DroboApp situation (or lack thereof). It’s a lot easier to perform a batch operation on a couple hundred files or move a few hundred gigs between shares if you can log in and do it locally, rather than over the network.

I have most of my data backed up, but not all of it. I’ve placed a pre-order for a Drobo 5N just to get my data back off my drives, but if anyone would be generous enough to loan me a chassis for a week or so, then I could just copy my data off and figure out what to do at my leisure.

Long shot, but anyone have a Drobo FS chassis they could part with for a week or so in the Chicago, IL area?

i would if i was close to you and if i had one :slight_smile: