Boot problems - part 2


I have an imac, SL, a Drobo - all latest software versions. The Drobo is connected via FW.

  1. When I boot the imac with the Drobo connected I get the blue screen, have to wait between 2-3 minutes and then get the login screen.

  2. If I boot without the Drobo connected to the imac it boots within seconds.

What could that be?
Thank you for your advice


Does the same thing happen when the Drobo is connected via USB?

Also, is the Drobo doing the “count up the blue lights” thing when the Mac boots, or does it just pop back online with green drive lights?

I have an iMac i7, Drobo, 10.6.4 and latest Drobo firmware. Drobo is connected via FW800 and the iMac boots as quick with or without Drobo attached.

Check your console logs from the boot up. Perhaps there is some message there about a Firewire stall or other problem. ( and scroll back to when you last booted.)

Hello Brandon,

good question. I just switched to USB and it boots perfectly normal. Now how can I get that via FW?


Try a different FW cable/port. If possible, try FW on a different computer.

Also, if your Mac (sorry, not familiar with Mac past the LC series) has the option of choosing which drive to boot from, make sure it is trying to boot from the system drive first and not the Drobo or other removable drives.

Brandon…they’ll automatically boot from the designated drive unless you explicitly tell it otherwise. This can be done via System Preferences or by holding down “Alt” when booting.

I’m betting something is in the console logs and that’ll give a good clue what it is.

Most likely it has to do with the initialization/wake-up of the Firewire controller.

Does the Drobo go to sleep when the Mac is powered down? Older Macs didn’t, which would prevent the Drobo from going to sleep, but also should have had the side-effect that Drobo was ‘always ready’ (except for drive spin-up).

Either it’s waiting for the device to become ready, or it’s reading something from the device. As Buzz notes, the console logs should give you some info.

Hello Buzz,

I am off to work but will try later in the afternoon with Console - I did not even know that I have this app::))

@Sigi…it’s cryptic but might yield a few clues. If you post the boot messages here (from start until fully booted) perhaps I or someone else might see something useful.

Interesting development - the problem sorted it out by itself. I have not done anything except not touching the computer. Everything is back to normal. Let’s hope it stays like this.
Thank you for your advice

Keep very close watch on it. I really hate intermittent problems… I rather have it completely break so I can completely fix it!