boot/mount issue on mac - doofus user or drobo...

First gen 2 .5 years old been faultless until now or its stoopid me. This is perhaps the 10th or so drive upgrade i’ve done…

Top two slots 1.5TB bottom two 1TB shown mounted on mac desktop as two drives. Went to replace 3rd slot with 2TB. It was fiddly ejecting old drive, but got it out. Inserted new 2TB drive then thought i needed to let it relayout before inserting the new drive, so i pulled it. Then OSX prompted to initialise a new disk. Think I hit cancel or ‘avoid making decision button’ (doofus bit). Panicking I i re-inserted the original 1TB drive in same slot.

Drobo dashboard reported that i was an idiot and went into 30-40 hours of therapy. When complete it reports the right stats for %used, %free etc. but it won’t mount. I tried a restart of mac, reboot of drobo. Each time i get presented with the initialise disk OSX dialogue.

Checking Disk Utility it sees two drobo volumes with names like disk7s3, not my mountable volume names seen in finder DroboA & DroboB. So Disk utility sees the Volumes, but are not mounted in finder. When i Verfy a drobo volume it reports Error:This disk needs to be repaired.

So. Q. Given all drives are in original slot layout and dashboard reports data stricture to be intact, all green lights. What do i do to get drobo mounted into finder again ?
If i can re-establish connection then i will offload all Drobo data and reformat to one 16TB volume then reload data back on. I just don’t want to loose my data…

Mac Pro, Drobo 1st Gen, everything patched to latest OS & FW. Drobo on 1.7.3 dashboard & 1.3.7 Firmware.

yeah you didnt need to let it relayout after pulling one drive - if you had left the "new " drive in there it would have rebuilt onto that

as it was - it WAS rebuilding on to that - and therefore flashing , when you pulled the “new” drive - and you should NEVER pull a drive while its flashing/rebuilding

then you added the old drive back - and since the layout had already changed, rather than accepting that back as part of the pack , it would have just immediately wiped it - then rebuilt onto that instead

as for not mounting, im afraid i have no idea as im a pc guy :S

DocChris - As suspected its doofus not drobo! (thanks) I hope then there is a way to re-mount the volumes Disk Utility sees to the Finder…

I meant to add Mac OSX shows two initialise boxes for each of the two drobo volumes i had. I’m thinking of selecting the initialise options, but worried this will remap the drobo’s and kill my data. Need some mac peeps to help here…

Initializing is reformatting the volumes.

Try repair disk from disk utility on both volumes.

Repair Disk not fruitfull on either volume:

[quote]Verify and Repair volume “disk7s3”
Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.
Invalid B-tree node size
The volume could not be verified completely.
Volume repair complete.Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.Error: Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.[/quote]

I know the data appears to be on the drobo, but my mounting/path is broken. Is there no way to my data ? :-<

Disk Warrior?

There is this for “invalid content in journal”. Not sure if it will help but worth a shot.

DiskWarrior is cranking away, thanks for help.

DiskWarrior complete, salvaged 99-100% of data from unmountable drobo, phew and thanks. A great utility.
Now 4-5 days wait until data is reloaded onto the drobo…argh USB revision 1 !!!


are you sure its revision 1?

12 mbit/sec works out to be only 1megabyte/second… 60 MB/minute… 3.6GB / hour… 86GB/day

to fill up 1Tb would take 12 days

to fill up your drobo (3.5TB usable space) would take 41 days…