Blue screen on firewire connect

I have an original Drobo and I guess one of the second generation which has 2 FireWire ports along with the USB port. Both drobos have the latest drivers and all that. I’m running Windows 7 64 bit, and the second gen Drobo I’m trying to hook up has 4x2TB drives in it. If more details are necessary I can provide them as requested. In my BIOS the onboard 1394 is “enabled” whatever that means.

Anyway, there were no problems with USB, but when I hook the Drobo up with FireWire it blue screens. The Drobo’s lights never change from the orange standby lights to the green startup lights. The error that’s given to me in the blue screen says something about Plug and Play detected an error in a faulty driver, and gives me the error code 0x0000000CA.

If I reboot with it already hooked up it gets to the Windows loading screen and then blue screens the same way. I disconnected it and when I tried installing the Unibrain drivers (recommended by Drobo) it blue screened again.

I did some digging around and found this: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprohardware/thread/65cb7a25-2a84-4875-aa27-b084537e8da1/

So I was able to successfully switch over to the legacy driver as described there but when I hooked it up and on reboot it still blue screened.

Any ideas?

firewire on windows is a nightmare

my personal advice is to give up and stick with USB

it is NOT noticeably faster - the limit is drobo’s speed- not the interface

OK, sigh. Thanks for the quick response.

For those interested, I also dug up this: http://community.avid.com/forums/p/65197/365402.aspx

It talks about some issues (perhaps copied from a Drobo FAQ somewhere?) regarding Drobos, volume size, and drivers. It’s a bit out of date, specific to Vista, and I would imagine some of the issues would have been resolved but maybe there is some useful info there.

On a tangent though, is the bottleneck really the Drobo itself? I know I can’t expect the maximum theoretical USB speed with Drobo, but what are some decent numbers for writes? Like if I am copying from one Drobo to another, sometimes I get 20MB/sec, sometimes 10MB/sec, sometimes 2MB/sec.

I run a Drobo V2, mostly on Win7 now but previously on an XP SP3 machine. Always USB because I’ve had some problems with Firewire and I’m not encouraged about what I read here from others who have tried Windows and FW.

I have a mix of WD GP drives with about 3TB of data on the Drobo.

My average write speed, on a good day, is 15MB/s when copying reasonably large files. Very small files are problematic but I think it’s an OS file system issue and not unique to Drobo. With reasonably sized files my write speed varies a bit but is within the 12-18MB/s range.

I have occasionally seen average write speeds as low as 2-5MB/s but I don’t know why. Fortunately it does not occur often but when it does and I’m trying to copy a couple of gigabytes or more it can be very frustrating and I start rethinking my Drobo decision.

I think, at a general level, this is what is going on:

  1. The Drobo V2 and original Drobo has a very marginal processor

  2. BeyondRaid is very complicated. There is a lot going on under the covers that are not well explained or understood, and not exposed to us via the Dashboard interface.

  3. Because of all this complicated data manipulation and the weak processor the result is very inconsistent write performance in particular, and that is just the nature of the beast.

In all the above, my throughput rates are based on what Teracopy reports to me at the end of a set of file writes. Even on a good day I’ll see some indication of “stalling” but I ignore that; I only care about the average rate. I don’t stream video so stalling is not a big deal for me. If I streamed video I might care a lot :-).